MANSORY CABRERA,兰博基尼Aventador SVJ的独家定制

浏览次数:     日期:2021-02-20

MANSORY CABRERA, an exclusive vehicle conversion based on a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ with just 3 pieces worldwide. The conversion is built with a full wider stealth carbon fibre body and a special paint in gun metall matte with orange accents, newly developed LED front headlights,  power increase to 810 PS and 780 Nm, Vmax 355 km/h and 0-100 km/h in 2.6s. CO2 emissions 471 g/km (combined), 20,2 l/100km (combined). 

MANSORY CABRERA,基于兰博基尼Aventador SVJ的独家改装车,在全球范围内仅有3件。改款车型采用了更宽的隐形碳纤维车身和带有橙色装饰的枪色哑光特殊漆,新开发的LED前大灯,功率增加到810 PS和780 Nm,最高车速355 km / h和0-100 km/h加速2.6秒。二氧化碳排放量471克/公里,20.2升/100公里。