MANSORY全新定制方案 劳斯莱斯 闪灵

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Rolls-Royce Spectre by MANSORY. With the all-electric Spectre, MANSORY is taking e-mobility to a level never before seen, thereby ensuring that the combination of luxury and performance will continue to play an outstanding role in the all-electric era of automobiles.

劳斯莱斯 闪灵 MANSORY迈莎锐定制版。MANSORY迈莎锐将电动汽车提升到前所未有的水平,从而确保在汽车的全电动时代,奢华与性能的结合将继续保持其卓越地位。

A Complete vehicle conversion; bonnet made entirely of carbon fibre; all add-on parts in forged carbon; launch edition; fully forged special lightweight rims type FD.15 available in 23 & 24 inch; individualized full leather interior; advanced carbon interior.