MANSORY 迈莎锐 兰博基尼 Urus 定制款

浏览次数:     日期:2023-01-12

A complete vehicle conversion; full manufacture modification to 2-door coupé; based on the ‘MANSORY Venatus EVO S’; limited edition of 8; “One of One” philosophy: Each vehicle is delivered as a one-off; single seats in the rear; power increase to 900 hp and 1.100 Nm; performance: Vmax 323 km/h and 0-100 km/h in 2.9 - much more to come…

MANSORY Venatus EVO S限量8台,功率增加至900马力和1.100牛米;性能:最高时速 323公里/小时  0-100公里/小时2.9秒。