MANSORY G63 P900 渐变色高定版

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The MANSORY Mercedes G P900 Special Edition UAE is exclusively designed for the United Arab Emirates.

MANSORY G63 P900 特别高定版。外观采用紫黑渐变配色,锻造碳纤维套件采用了全新设计。

MANSORY G63 P900 特别高定版

MANSORY G63 P900紫黑渐变配色

The interior is designed entirely in yellow and purple leather. The colours mirror each other in the center of the vehicle, creating a unique play of colours in the interior. In addition, several logos of the United Arab Emirates are integrated in the interior. This creates a unique play of colours in the interior.

MANSORY G63 P900内饰配色大胆,采用了黄色和紫色真皮。主驾驶侧座椅为黄色,副驾驶侧座椅则为紫色,车顶特殊定制了星空顶图案。

迈莎锐MANSORY G63 P900紫黑渐变配色

迈莎锐MANSORY G63 P900紫黑渐变配色外观

Performance data as follows: 900 hp, 1.200 Nm torque.

迈莎锐MANSORY G63 P900最大马力900匹,峰值扭矩1.200 Nm扭矩。

迈莎锐MANSORY G63 P900渐变色高定版细节图

迈莎锐MANSORY G63 P900渐变色高定版轮胎